2019! Lets Do This!

2019 is here! Now is the time to review our old habits and set new goals.  

You don’t have to hold yourself accountable to the unrealistic resolutions you made in 2018, here are some healthy habits you can embrace for a successful year. Every year brings new beginnings,  we at Dairy Dairy, placed together some exciting points to get your new year of 2019 started.  


Nurture Your Mind

‘Who says your New Year health goals have to be physical?

Exercising your mind can be just as important to your overall joy.  

Is there a skill you’ve always wanted to learn and never pursued? Make this year a time to challenge yourself to expand your knowledge. Whether you sign up for an online course or simply cook a comfort food.

Taking positive steps towards your overall well-being is what should be taken seriously. 


Self-Care, Lets invest in “ME”

This year, try to schedule out more time for that “me-time.” It’s easy to get caught up in a busy and hectic lifestyle, where stress can start to feel normal. Find time in your day to relax and focus on re-energizing your mind. Go for a long walk or find a quiet space to meditate and unwind the demands of your schedule. 

Even if it means sacrificing 5-10 minutes in the morning. This small investment in your “me-time” can lead to a positive mindset and set the tone for a productive day. 


Goal Setting! 

Whether its exercise, healthy eating or your financial fitness, setting up smaller goals for yourself will help lead to success. However, if you find  it difficult to maintain your New Year’s resolutions, don’t feel discouraged. For 2019 simply restructure your long terms goals into smaller, more reachable ones. 

For example, you might be challenged with a huge ambitious fitness goal. The best way to accomplish this, is by breaking it up into smaller goals over the course of time, whether it be monthly or in weekly. Similar to your financial goals, setting up smaller savings goals will lead to a comfortable savings for a “fun go- to” account.

Whatever your goals may be, you can achieve it with time, dedication and consistency. 

Let’s Welcome 2019!