Fill Up On Possibility

T&T kids are full of possibility!
We embarked on a journey to highlight some of the children of Trinidad & Tobago doing amazing things. In addition to staying on top of their school work, these kids are pushing the envelope showing anything is possible through hard work and determination.
They are following their dreams and passions, making sure to full up on all possibilities.

Nothing comes easy, but once you put in the work, the possibilities are endless!

Jade Johnatty

This highly talented, creative and inquisitive child, attends Providence Girls Catholic Girls High School. Jade showcased her artistic skills at…

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Rayden Rampersad

At just nine years old, Rayden Rampersad has made great strides in the world of chess. The accolade-laden Rayden started…

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Makaira Wallace

You may consider 11 year old Makaira Wallace, a swimming pro, at even such a young age. She represents her…

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Thomas Decle

Nine year old Thomas affectionately known as Tom, grew up playing football at a very young age with his older…

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Nikoya Sebro

Seven year old Nikoya Sebro has always been a quiet, humble child, always eager and willing to learn. At the…

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Zameer Paul Ramoutar

Eleven year old Zameer Paul Ramoutar surely does have a special skill when it comes to model car racing. The…

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Faith Lawrence Tardieu

Young, smart and socially conscious. Those may be the words that best describe 10 year old Faith Lawrence Tardieu. Faith…

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