In the year 1991, 28 years ago, our sweet Trinidad and Tobago was given the nation’s best powdered milk “Dairy Dairy the milky milk.” Our first case of milk was sold to Naipaul’s Extra Foods commonly known today as “Extra Foods Supermarket,” this paved the way for a successful distribution company that delivers delicious wholesomeness to families nationwide. “Dairy Dairy the milky milk” has emerged as the #1 milky milk of Trinidad and Tobago. The family of Dairy Dairy consists of four variants: Dairy Dairy Full Cream Powdered Milk, Dairy Dairy Low-Fat Powdered Milk, Dairy Dairy Skimmed Powdered Milk and Dairy Dairy ABC Growing Up Powdered Milk. We are sourced from the very best international dairy producers globally. We have maintained our prized world class standards by serving our customers with a personal experience, one pack of milk at a time, it’s not just drinking our milk but experiencing the richness and authenticity in the servings whether it is full cream or skimmed, our number one priority is communicating the family-oriented love since the day of inception to this present day.