After School Advantage: Mind your Business

Mind your business aka your children!

In Trinidad businesses aren’t the only things that we mind.
Our children are very important and should be well taken care of, after all they are the future.
But because there is so much more to them, when caring for them we must be vigilant in addressing not solely the academics but their entire being.
We must pay attention to their mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Now more than ever we have the opportunity to educate holistically so we should try to take advantage of this unique chance. Involve them in the day to day activities,  the running of errands, the execution of house work or chores, it builds character.
Introduce life skills that would pay dividends now and in the future. Things like baking, cooking, sewing, cleaning,  things that may have been overlooked before in the busyness of our former lives.
Are you an entrepreneur? Consider teaching them different facets of your business, how to take orders,  do a stock count etc.This is also an opportune time to discover and hone in on their  natural inclinations, gifts and talents.
You will be amazed at their untapped potential and their innovation when given the chance to do something that they enjoy that is separate and apart from academics.