Dairy Dairy Father’s Day Shirt Card

Who is ready to make a Father’s Day Shirt Card with Dairy Dairy the milky milk?

Dad is going to love this!

Let’s Start: First You will need the following:

Coloured copy paper (8 1/2 × 11″) Markers, Pencil, Ruler, Scissors, Glue stick, Template of Tie(s) provided.

Step 1 

Holding your paper in portrait, fold in half.

Step 2 

Open your paper flat and then fold each edge toward the centre crease. (Side A)

Step 3 

Turn your paper over (Side B).On one of your short edges fold over approximately 1cm.

Step 4 

Turn your paper over to side A, On your centre line, make a mark 2cm down from the top, fold each corner to meet that centre mark.

Step 5 

Fold bottom edge up and tuck under the “collar” area.

Step 6

Reopen card and fold outward on each side to create the sleeves. You can write your greeting here!

Step 7 

Close and decorate the outside of your card. You can add a tie or put a design your shirt; whatever suits your father best!


Your card is now complete!

We hope you enjoyed making this awesome token for your Dad.

Want to do this together? Join us for the full Craft Time Live on Thursday 18th June at 3:00pm with Camille Neil on our Facebook Page. 


Click Link for printable Father’s Day Tie Templates