Dairy Dairy Milky Magic Day Camp – Week 1 – South Land

Our Dairy Dairy Milky Magic Day Camp trip to the Southland was awesome!

We ‘visited’ Harris Promenade, Carnegie Library, La Brea Pitch Lake and the highest point
in the area, San Fernando Hill.
Did you know that the official name for San Fernando Hill is Naparima Hill? It has always been a sacred place to the Warao  people of the Orinoco Delta in Venezuela. They called it ‘Anaparima’ when they arrived in T&T, which is how the hill got it’s name!

We also did fun hill-inspired exercises, like calf hops, mountain climbers and Russian twists,
which were almost as much fun as climbing the actual hill. And learned lots of cool moves
with Melissa from the Natraj Dance Group.

You can learn some dance moves and keep active too; just click here and enjoy!

For our arts and craft project we recreated our version of the Last Train to San Fernando with simple supplies found in all of our homes.

  • Cardboard Tubes • String • Bottle Tops • Scissors • Hole Punch • Glue • Tape • Paint • Brushes

Catch up on all that fun when you click here.

Did you know that Trinidad has a volcano? 15 to be exact and the most famous one – the
Piparo Mud Volcano – inspired this week’s science experiment, which was literally a blast!
Items need to make your own volcano:

  • Vinegar (5 tablespoons)  • Water (1/3 cup) • Baking Soda (4 teaspoons) • Dishwashing Liquid (4 teaspoons) • Red food colouring (3 drops) • Tray • Paper towels


Finally, the puppets from The Caribbean Kids and Family Therapy Organisation joined us to
end the week and we found out how much fun everyone can have – regardless of their ability –
as long as we give them a chance.

See Ryan make his volcano and enjoy the puppet show over on our Facebook Page.

We hope you enjoyed our first week of camp. Share your pics of the Milky Milk anthem, totally amazing trains and volcano creations by tagging us on our Social Media pages.


See you next week!