Dairy Dairy Milky Magic Day Camp – Week 2 – Central Safari

This week we were on a spectacular Central Safari!

It’s almost impossible to believe that we have miles and miles of thriving wetlands that are home to the silky anteater, caimans and iguanas, oysters, crabs, lightning bugs and, of course, our national bird, the beautiful scarlet ibis, which was the inspiration for our craft project this week.

Click here to travel with Aunty Sharon and Ryan through the swamp, take pictures of ibis flying overhead, and make Ibis and flamingo craft

Let your creativity take flight!

Scarlet Ibis & Flamingo Art Supplies
• Paper plates • Pink paper or bristol board • Googly eyes • Scissors • Glue • Pencil • Paint • Paint Brushes

Don’t have it? Don’t worry! Use your imagination to replace any of the supplies above with whatever you have at home.

We had a lovely yoga session with Xo Sport and also learned about the famous Hanuman Murti, which got us in the perfect frame of mind for another Bollywood dance class with Melissa from Natraj Dance Group.

Click here to learn some dance moves and Swamp animal yoga poses.

Wrapping up the week, we made fantastic rangoli craft using paper plates and coloured paper, paint and sequins.

We definitely couldn’t leave without visiting the beautiful Temple in the Sea, and our friends at the Trinidad & Tobago Film Company shared an inspiring local film by the same name about the indentured labourer who built it.

Learn the steps to create you own rangoli design here.


Delightful Designs!

Shapes, colours and creativity

Rangoli Craft Supplies

• paper plates or cardboard • glue • scissors • paint & brushes • markers, crayons or pencils • bits of paper, sequins, leaves petals or anything you can find to decorate with.


Share with us your pics of your beautiful birds and amazing rangoli creations.

See you next week!