Dairy Dairy Milky Magic Day Camp – Week 3 – Round de Savannah

The Queen’s Park Savannah was an adventure we’ll never forget!
Considering that it’s the largest round-about in the whole entire world, it’s no wonder that the Savannah is filled with so many marvellous adventures. We started out learning the history of the Magnificent Seven, and heard that the Savannah was sugar land, was used as a cattle pasture and was given to the country as a gift from the Peschier family.
Because the Savannah is used for all sorts of recreational activities including playing a central role in Carnival, we also created cool carnival masks.
Click here to hear  Queen’s Park Savannah history and make Carnival masks.
Let’s Make Mas(k)!
Animal/Carnival Mask Art Supplies list: 
• paper plates or cardboard 
• glue 
• scissors
• paint & brushes
• markers, crayons or pencils
• Sequins, feathers, gems, bits of fabric 
Don’t have something? Don’t worry! Use your imagination to replace any of the supplies above with whatever you have at home.
We added a new activity this week – African Drumming Class!
Then enjoyed Emperor Valley Zoo activities in our Kiddi Workout including frog and starfish jumps, cheetah run, gorilla shuffle, bear walk, crab crawl and elephant stomps.
Catch up on these fun activities here.
To round up this week, featured was an anti-bullying puppet show where we learned how to get help if we are being bullied.
We also talked about how during Easter, the Savannah is home to kite flying activities and competitions, which was the theme of our mobile craft.
Follow along with the craft steps and enjoy the puppet show here.
Savannah sky mobile art supplies list: 
• Paper plates
• Coloured Paper cut to 12cm squares
• Cardboard
• Ribbon or twine
• Glue
• Paint and Brushes
• Crayons, Pencil, Marker
• Ruler
• Scissors
• Hole punch (optional)
You can also use glitter or anything else you would like to decorate with.
Who’s going share all their cool pics with us to include in our Milky Magic Camp Album?
Looking forward to seeing them and then seeing you again next week over on our Dairy Dairy Facebook Page.