Dairy Dairy Milky Magic Day Camp – Week 4 – Tobago Trip

The July/August vacation got even better with our trip to Tobago!
We started at Tobago’s famous Buccoo Reef, which we recreated using recycled materials as a shoebox diorama.
Shoebox Reef Art Supplies:
Shoebox or similar-sized box
Card or construction paper
Crayons or coloured pencils 
Paint and brushes
Sand, rocks, sea shells
Don’t have it? Don’t worry! Use your imagination to replace any of the supplies above with
whatever you have at home… It’ll be great so remember to send us a pic 🙂
Next we had fun with swimming and goat races when we exercised in our Kiddi Workout session.
Then we relaxed and leaned about local folklore and watched the local film One Good Deed which is about a young boy who meets up with douens!
We said goodbye with our super cool farewell party!!! We played lots of games and danced to DJ Ryan’s cool Dairy Dairy Milky Magic Day Camp mixes. If you want to party again and again like a Dairy Dairy Milky Magic Camper, click here
We loved having you spend your July/August vacation with us. Feel free to browse the pics via our virtual album on Facebook and visit our blog to see all the vids and craft instructions.
Stay tuned for more cool activities and nurture everything good with Dairy Dairy the milky milk!