FunDays with Dairy Dairy!

Are the days of the week now called…Thisday, Thatday, Otherday, Someday,Yesterday,Today and Nextday?

Well with Dairy Dairy everyday is FunDay!

Mondays – Motivational Health Mondays – Every week be motivated with health tips and workout tips.

A good workout can makes us feel free and alive!

Tuesdays-  Stay at Home family games and activities-  Family time is the best time!

Wednesdays –  Dairy Dairy Craft Time  Join us Live at 3:00 PM every week on our Facebook Page where it’s Time to make stuff!

Thursdays – Bake with us – look out for great recipes with Dairy Dairy powdered milk… remember the secret ingredient is always love!

Fridays – StoryTime with Dairy Dairy –

Join us at 3:00pm, on our FB Page for a world of adventure. I wonder what we will be reading next week?

Saturdays- Dairy Dairy Kids Exercises –

Weekends are great for workouts. Join XO Multi-Sport Club as they show us great exercises than can be done at home and enjoyed by the whole family.

 While adults call it workout; kids call it playing!

Sundays – Rest and Recharge-

Let’s take the time to be thankful!