“It’s World Milk Day”


Let’s Share 3 Main Benefits of our Amazing Dairy Dairy Milky Milk:


Shelf Life

Powdered Milk has an amazing Shelf Life. You can take it for road trips, hiking, camping and even in your hurricane storm shelter. All you need to do is add water and you have milk!
(Oh! Wow does that bring back memories).

Cost Effective! Inexpensive!


Powdered Milk is very cost-effective, as compared to liquid milk we must remember it does not need refrigeration!

That allows families on tight budgets to better meet their needs.


There is a significant amount of nutrients in powdered milk, including all 21 primary amino acids that the body needs to create proteins.

See Link for more details: https://staging.dairy-dairy.com/products/


Today we celebrate World Milk Day and the importance of adding dairy to your diet. Pour a glass of cold Dairy Dairy milk and celebrate with us!