Let’s Dance

Happy Vacation boys and girls!!!!!! Aunty Cyndi here, and I am so happy to have you do this Modern/Contemporary dance with me! I know this school year would have been a tough one for you with online schooling, but you can now take that well deserved break with all of us at The Dairy Dairy Milky Magic Day Camp!

We are going to start by warming up: before you do any physical activity it is always good to get the body and mind ready to participate in the movement. We will begin with some light cardio to get that heart rate up followed by ‘isolations’ (this simply means moving one body part at a time while the other parts remain still) of the head, shoulders and arms, then a simple plié (which means to bend) and relevé (this is to rise) exercise. We will then follow this with some light stretching of our lower body.

In today’s session we will be doing a routine to Freetown Collective’s “Feel the love”.  The dance will consist of nine 8 counts, and the routine has been choreographed with the lyrics in mind, so you can also use that as a guide as well. Be sure to start at approximately 23 seconds into the song – this is at the start of the first verse! The tempo of this routine is moderate one, be sure to use the counts given in the video to help you through.

See you there!!!