Milky Magic Day Camp – Week 4

The Magnificent Seven

Stollmeyer’s Castle or Killarney, was patterned after a wing of Balmoral Castle in Scotland where Queen Elizabeth II spends holidays with her family. Killarney is just one of the 7 beautiful buildings inspired by European architecture that adorn the western side of the Queen’s Park Savannah. This row of historical mansions is known as the Magnificent Seven.

Build your own magnificent mansion by following the instructions below or view our camp video below.


  • 3 boxes of various sizes
  • wrapping or other colorful paper
  • bristol board
  • scraps of coloured paper
  • glue stick or school glue
  • markers
  • scissors
  • sticky tape
  • items to decorate: glitter, flowers, gems, fabric, etc.


Step 1: Wrap boxes in paper like you would for presents.

Step 2: Stack wrapped boxes in ascending order and glue in place.

Step 3: Create towers by folding and sticking bristol board into cylinders. The size of your towers will depend on the size of your boxes.

Step 4: To make roofs for the towers, cut circles at least twice the diameter of the cylinders. One per cylinder. Cut a slit in radius of each circle. Overlap radius edges and stick to form a cone.

Step 5: Cut several short slits in one end of each cylinder. Fold the tabs made by the slits outward. Add glue to tabs and press on a roof cone. Repeat for each cylinder and leave to dry.

Step 6: From coloured scraps of paper or board, cut out door and window shapes. With a marker draw on window and door details.

Step 7: Stick windows to towers and doors to boxes.

Step 8: Arrange towers and glue onto boxes.

Step 9: Add any decorations you’d like.

Display in your room!

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