Mother’s Day Balloon Card Craft!

Mother’s Day is just a few days away.

Let’s get in touch with our creative side with Dairy Dairy the milky milk.

Who is ready to make a Mother’s Day Balloon Card?

Let’s Start: First You will need the following:

Letter size Bristol board (Coloured Paper), Scissors,  Markers, Glue Stick, Ruler, Eraser, Pencil and a Heart template.


Cut 1.5 inch squares using your coloured paper.

Fold each square in half, draw the heart template on the fold line as shown in photo.

Cut on the pencil line to reveal a perfectly symmetrical heart shape.

You will need approximately 10 hearts in colours of your choosing.


Take your letter size Bristol board and holding it in landscape, fold in half  to create you card base (should measure 5.5”x 8.5”)


Arrange your hearts on the card front how you like, making sure you start with one at the top centre.

(for the word MOM)

Make a small mark with your pencil as a guide as to where you want your hearts to go. DO NOT stick them down just yet.

Temporarily remove your hearts in the order you want to keep them.

Using your marker, draw your balloon strings starting from the point of each of your pencil marks all the way to the base of the card, making sure all the lines come together at the base to look like a bundle of strings.

Please see picture shown.


Stick all your balloon hearts in place, using your glue stick, including one extra heart where all the strings come together at the base of the card.

Finished Product

Add your lettering,(M,M) to the top and (I,U) to the base of your card using your marker.

You can write a further greeting on the inside to complete your card!

We hope you enjoyed making this beautiful card for your Mother.

Want to do this together? Join us for the full Craft Time Live on Thursday 7th May at 3:00pm on our FB PAGE.