S.E.A: It’s Prep Time.

The big day is fast approaching.

After months of lessons and probably some arguing and tears, the little ones are all grown up and getting ready to sit their big exam. It’s a trying time and a nerve-wrecking time. Are they ready? Will their nerves get the best of them?

While all these questions may be racing through your mind. We have a few tips that we hope can help settle things down before the big day.

A few days before:

Eliminate all unnecessary distractions.

Gather all that would be needed for exam day.

Review key notes only.

Continuously speak positively to yourself.

Stay calm with muscle relaxation.


The night before:

Lay out everything for exam morning.

Don’t go to bed too late.

Have a healthy dinner.

Drink lots of fluids.

Do something you like, maybe have your favourite dessert and have a good laugh!

Pray and/or meditate.


Exam morning:

Have a good breakfast.

Do some stretching and meditation.

Get there early.

Take a few deep breaths.

And most importantly Stay Positive! You’ve got this.