Sweet Sweet Divali

Divali, the festival of lights, is a cherished festival celebrated by Hindus, throughout the world.

The festival ushers in a period of ecstasy, a time to rejoice in the company of loved ones, dress up in finery and partake in delicious dishes prepared for the event. It’s an occasion to behold togetherness and unity.

The beautiful deyas and colorful fireworks, dazzle the night sky which turns it into a display of magnificent, sparkling rainbows, ignited with showers. This marvelous site is well-lit throughout the atmosphere.

In the Hindu community, there are two stories of the history of Divali, leading up to the festival they portrayed out in full costume in open-air theaters in villages all over Trinidad. Government ministers, employees and business owners dress in East Indian wear and a variety of shows featuring aspects of Indian and Hindu culture are staged.

The pinnacle of Divali however, is the lighting of deyas after sundown, a delightful experience that should never be missed. In yards, open spaces, staircases and porches, deyas are lit by the hundreds of thousands. They are usually placed on bamboo stalks bent into fantastic shapes and designs. In villages where there is a strong Hindu residents it is common to see the whole streets decorated in this manner.

Divali is also a time for reflection, a time to re-visit and judge fairly, one’s thoughts, actions and words and to free oneself of the darkness and negativity that dwells within.

Yes, of course there’s the sweet delicious side of this festival. Divali without sweets and savories cannot be imagined!  On Divali, there is a custom to exchange sweets with friends, family and neighbours. Food plays a very important role in the celebrations.

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Dairy Dairy Diwali Barfi.

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