The Red Howlers of Chaguaramas

What is that sound?? Can you hear it? It’s a red howler monkey! These animals have very large throats that enable them to make howling (or roaring) sounds that can be heard for up to three miles away! They do that as a way of saying “this is my space!” 
These monkeys, the largest of their type, can be found in most of the forests of Trinidad, but you may easily run into one..or at least hear them..if you visit the Chaguaramas peninsula on your way up to the Tracking Station or when going for a swim at Macqueripe Bay.
Join Auntie Sharon and Ryan as they monkey around and create some cool monkey craft! It will be a barrel of fun!
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors 
  • Pencil or Black Marker
  • Twine or Yarn
  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Cardboard or Card Stock
  • Strong Glue or Glue Gun
  • Hole Punch (optional)
  • A Stick (optional)
Let’s get started:
  • Cut out one circle for the monkey’s face out of cardboard from the photo above
  • Cut out two smaller circles for the monkey’s ears
  • Cut out 2 hands and 2 feet out of cardboard.
  • Glue the large circle to the top of the cardboard tube
  • Glue the 2 smaller circles to the back of the large circle to make ears
  • Punch two holes on either side of the cardboard tube at the top for the arms, two holes on either side at the bottom for the legs, and one hole at the bottom to the back of the monkey for the tail.
  • Paint your monkey and let it dry
  • Once the monkey is dry you can thread a piece of twine through the top holes letting it hang equally on either side to make the arms. You can attach the cardboard hands on each end of the string. You do the same on the bottom of the tube to make the legs. Tie a short piece of twine to the back hole to make the monkey’s tail
  • If you like you can attach your monkey to a stick to display him like in the photo.