Vacation Rules

Parents, are you tired with the kids only playing on their devices or watching TV the whole of the holidays? Dairy Dairy’s ‘Vacation Rules’ will certainly assist in this area! If your children can follow our rules, they can have as much screen time as they wish and will have done a variety of tasks each day e.g. chores, voluntary jobs, exercise and a bit of brain activity also!

Kids! You may have as much time on the IPAD/TV as you like as long as all of these jobs have been done before you turn on the screen.

Let’s take a look! –

  • Breakfast Time
  • Dress
  • Brush your teeth
  • Brush your hair

If you have completed the above tasks, there’s just a few more to complete before Screen Time!

  • 20 mins of reading
  • 20 mins of writing or coloring
  • Clean up 1 room (TV room/Playroom/Bedroom)
  • Play outside for 30 mins (Play Ball, Skip, Tag and much more)
  • Make or build something creative (Lego, craft, sand, etc.)

Help someone in the family (ask if there is a job you can do if you can’t think of something yourself)