Faith Lawrence Tardieu

Young, smart and socially conscious. Those may be the words that best describe 10 year old Faith Lawrence Tardieu. Faith was the winner of the Republic Bank Inspire Primary School Spoken Word Showcase. What makes her achievement even more spectacular is that it was the first time she had ever attempted this activity. Faith attends Atwell’s Educational Institute and under the guidance of her teacher Miss Koo, she was able to deliver her award-winning piece entitled “Bring Back Sweet T’N’T”. The journey to her victory was not completely smooth sailing for Faith, as the six week spoken word workshop took place on Sundays, which meant Faith had to seek permission from her mother to miss her church on Sundays. Her mother complied, and so Faith was able to participate in the competition. And while spoken word may have once been a hidden talent of Faith, she also enjoys dance, reading, cheerleading and singing.

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