Yield: 12 pieces

Ingredients Needed

• ½ portion Hot Pre-Made Paratha (‘Buss Up Shut’)

• 1 tin Condensed Milk

• ½ cup White Sugar

• 1 tsp Vanilla Essence

• 4 oz Butter

• 2 tsp Mixed Ground Spice

• ¼ cup Raisins (optional)

• ¼ cup finely chopped Red Cherries (optional)

• Sprinkle of Dairy Dairy Full Cream Powdered Milk

•           Place ½ portion of ‘buss up shut’ in food processor and blend until fine.

•           Combine processed roti with remaining ingredients thoroughly.

•           Portion and roll into balls approximately 2” in diameter.

•           Place balls on tray lined with wax paper.

•           Sprinkle balls lightly with Dairy Dairy Full Cream Powdered Milk.

•           Allow finished product to sit for 15 minutes to ½ hour before serving.


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